A Better Idea prides itself on its ability to imprint a corporate logo or personalized graphic on just about any product or surface. However, a graphic designed for full-color imprinting on a catalog or for use on a Web site may not be what's required for a three-dimensional product in one color. Artwork is considered "ready" when it can be used for prepress and printing without the need for modifications that might incur extra charges or cause delays.  Too often, when the order reaches the point of production is it discovered that the artwork is not of a sufficient quality or type required to produce the products. At that point, additional charges may be necessary.

If logo imprint is desired, electronic file must be provided. We require that art be created in a black and white (no color) Adobe Illustrator® (AI, EPS).  We must have a "high resolution" file to make the very best clear screens for your printed items.   E-mail artwork to artwork@abetteridea.com. Contact name, phone number, order number and company name must be included in the e-mail message.   Files must be under 2 MEGS or please compress before emailing.

Business cards, letterheads, faxes and laser prints are NOT acceptable. PDF, DOC, PUB, TIF, BMP, JPG and GIF file formats are NOT acceptable. If you must send files created in Microsoft Word, Publisher or PowerPoint, we can re-create and re-draw them in the correct artwork resolution for $95.      Email Artwork
*Files over 2 megs MUST be compressed before emailing.  Large e-mailed files will not be received by our email program!


This is the best alternative for submitting your art. Digital artwork guarantees the highest quality of imprint possible. We operate on Apple Macintosh & PC platforms and accept files saved for the following applications.  We prefer PC files:

Illustrator icon Adobe Illustrator 10.0.3: Convert all type to "outlines"; include all placed EPS or TIF files in the same directory; Note: the native file format for this version is PDF what may require conversion to EPS and, consequently, additional charges may apply; to avoid this charge, save the files as version 8.0 or earlier);
Adobe Photoshop 7.0.1: For 4-Color Process: files must be saved as TIF, EPS or BMP formats, in CMYK mode, at minimum resolution of 300 dpi with print size set at 100%; for silkscreen imprint: each color should be separated in one file with registration marks (and trapping, if applicable) and files must be Black-&-White, TIF format, in Bitmap mode (50% threshold) at 1200 dpi;
Macromedia FreeHand 7.0: convert all type to "curves"; include all placed EPS and/or TIF files in the same directory (see above for EPS and TIF formats specs);
Adobe Pagemaker 6.5: send all fonts (screen & print) used in the document; include all EPS and/or TIF files used in the same directory (see above for EPS and TIF formats specs);
Quark XPress 4.1.1: if working on Mac, send all fonts (screen & print) used in the document ; include all EPS and/or TIF files used in the same directory (see above for EPS and TIF formats specs);

Attention: any artwork created on different operating systems must be converted to EPS, TIF or BMP format before submitted (we cannot perform this conversion). We DO NOT accept computer generated artwork in MS Word, MS Office, MS Publisher, PowerPoint unless we are re-creating the art for our standard fee of $95.

Please note that due to increasing problems with viruses and anonymous spam email, we now have a formal set of requirements for ARTWORK SUBMISSION.

If submitting artwork via e-mail, the above guidelines must apply and the following procedure should be followed:

1. Refer to your Company & Order number in the subject title of the e-mail message;

2. Include a description of the file(s) attached (file format, application, version), the  company's name, and a contact name with phone number in the body of the message;

3. Then, attach the artwork file(s) or the directory(ies) to the message and send to: artwork@abetteridea.com.

Note: to avoid corruption of attachments while in transit, convert the file(s) or the directory(ies) using "DropStuff" (if working on Mac; save as .SIT – note: do not submit .SEA or .IMG) or "WinZip" (if working on PC; save as .ZIP – note: do not submit .EXE or .SEA).


If your e-mail complies with all requirements, we will review the file(s) and quickly reply notifying you if the artwork is acceptable.

Note: due to the variety of applications, platforms, servers, connections and ISPs available on the Internet, we are not responsible for undeliverable, incomplete, incompatible and/or corrupt artwork received via e-mail.

We also accept artwork saved in Mac OS formatted Iomega Zip 100Mb disks and/or CD-ROMs.

 WE CAN RE-CREATE YOUR ARTWORK IN THE .EPS FORMAT  from your Jpeg/Gif/Tiff/Word/Pub or other file type For $95 Layout/Cleanup Charge IF YOU CANNOT GET A DIGITAL FILE MADE.


If you are not able to provide digital files, you may submit your artwork as "camera-ready"; that means it must be...

Artwork from a laser printer, reproduced on office copiers and/or transmitted via fax is NOT camera-ready artwork.

We will accept Laser Quality output as camera ready only if it is 200% or larger of the actual imprint size (up to 8 1/2" x 11"), black and white, color separated with registration marks and trapping (when applicable).

We can assist you in creating camera ready artwork for $65.00 per hour. If no layout instructions are supplied, we reserve the right to arrange copy and logos at our discretion. Approved proofs are required and they are final. We are not responsible for the quality of imprinted products produced from artwork that does not meet the above specifications. A layout proof approval form is supplied upon request (additional charges may apply). Additional approval will be required if the artwork does not comply with our requirements. Production time does not begin to run until the artwork proof approval form is acknowledged by you and faxed back to us.

These specs are subject to change without notice.


4 Easy Ways To Order
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To place an order call (toll free) 800-520-1691 or 401-841-5646 (international) between 9am-6pm eastern standard time.
•By mail:
Mail your order with check or money order payable to A Better Idea.
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